Reset Windows 10 / 8 / 7 Forgotten Password with Sticky Keys

What to do if you’ve forgotten Windows user password? Most of us don’t realize that we can reset Windows user password using sticky keys exploit. Just a Windows install disk is involved.

How to Reset Windows 10 / 8 / 7 Forgotten Password with Sticky Keys?

Insert a Windows install disc into your PC and boot from it. Remember to disable UEFI and secure boot before initiating booting process.

After Windows Setup loads, press SHIFT + F10 to open Command Prompt.

Type the following commands to replace Sticky Keys app (sethc.exe) with Command Prompt (cmd.exe).

copy d:\windows\system32\sethc.exe d:\
copy /y d:\windows\system32\cmd.exe d:\windows\system32\sethc.exe

Once it’s done, reboot and take out the install disc. When you’re back at the logon screen, press SHIFT key five times to launch the Command Prompt.

Type this command to change your user password:

net user user_name new_password

Exit Command Prompt and login with your new password. Remember that restore the seth.exe from C:\ to where it was. With this method you can easily reset Windows password with install disk.

How to Crack Windows 8.1 Password in Minutes

How to access your computer after you’ve forgotten Windows 8.1 password? PCUnlocker is a power yet easy-to-use tool that allows you to crack Windows 8.1 password on a computer where you forgot your password. The step-by-step guide below should work for Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and the earlier versions of Windows.

How to Crack Windows 8.1 Password in Minutes?

After you download PCUnlocker, you have to burn it on a CD by right-clicking the ISO file. If you don’t have an optical drive and you want to boot from a USB flash drive, you can use the free tool ISO2Disc.

Next, you have to ensure that the CD or USB flash drive comes before the hard drive in the boot order of your BIOS settings. Most PCs allow you to access the PC setup by pressing F2, F12 or Del right after you turn the PC on.

After you boot PCUnlocker, you should see the following screen. If you have more than one Windows installation on the computer, be sure to choose the correct SAM registry file for your target Windows installation.

Choose the user account where you want to reset the password, click on Reset Password button. This program will remove the existing login password and unlock your account in case it was locked out or disabled.

The password cracking process is now completed. Reboot your computer and take out the CD or USB flash drive. You can then login to Windows 8.1 without the need of a password!

Unlock ThinkPad Tablet 2 After Forgot Windows 8 Password

Forgot Windows 8 password for your ThinkPad Tablet 2? How to unlock or reset ThinkPad Tablet password? Lenovo ThinkPads shipped with Windows 8 preload are configured in UEFI mode. Legacy-based boot media will not boot successfully on UEFI based computer. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to create UEFI bootable USB media and then use it to unlock ThinkPad Tablet 2 password.

Part 1: Create A UEFI Bootable USB Media

  1. Before resetting ThinkPad Tablet password, you need to use another computer to make a bootable PCUnlocker USB drive. Simply download the full version of PCUnlocker Enterprise, unzip the downloaded file and you’ll get an ISO image file called pcunlocker.iso.
  2. Next download and install the freeware ISO2Disc. Run the ISO2Disc program, click on Browse button to select the PCUnlocker ISO image, then choose your USB drive and select GPT partition style. Click on Burn.

    Create a GPT bootable PCUnlocker USB drive

  3. A UEFI bootable USB media will be created in minutes.

Part 2: Unlock ThinkPad Tablet 2 Password

  1. Insert the USB boot media into the USB connector of your ThinkPad Tablet 2.
  2. When turn on the tablet, press and hold the power button together with the volume up button at the same time until the Lenovo logo appears.
  3. Once into the ThinkPad Setup (BIOS), select Security menu and then disable the Secure Boot option.
  4. Navigate to the Startup menu. On the Boot submenu, select USB Drive, and then tap “+/–” until the USB Drive is shown as the first startup device.
  5. Save your changes and exit BIOS. The tablet will then boot from USB media. After a while, you’ll see the PCUnlocker program and it shows you a list of local accounts existing on your ThinkPad Tablet 2.

    Reset Windows 8.1 Password on Surface Pro 2

  6. Choose a local account and then click Reset Password button, it will reset your forgotten password immediately. If you’re using a Microsoft Account with your ThinkPad Tablet, choose the local account associated to your Microsoft account and then reset its password.

Restart your Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 and disconnect the UEFI bootable USB media. You can then log in to your Windows 8 ThinkPad Tablet without a password. It’s that easy!

How to Break Windows 8 Picture Password Security

The Picture Password used in Windows 8 machines are more vulnerable than Microsoft hoped, a research team claims. The Picture Password is encrypted with the algorithms that can be turned back into the original plain-text password. As long as you can log on to Windows 8 with administrator privileges, you can break Windows 8 Picture Password security in no time. In this article we’ll show you how to crack Windows 8 Picture Password with the freeware Mimikatz.

How to Break Windows 8 Picture Password Security?

  1. Download the Mimikatz tool ( from Benjamin Delpy’s blog. Decompress the zip file and you’ll then find that the tool has both 32-bit and 64-bit versions – make sure you pick the correct version.
  2. Right-click on the Mimikatz.exe file and select Run as administrator from the context menu.
  3. You’ll be provided with an interactive prompt that allows you to perform a number of different commands. Firstly we’ll need to enable debug mode with the privilege::debug command:
  4. Next run the token::elevate command to elevate your privilege to NT Authority\SYSTEM.


  5. Execute the following command and it will quickly extract all types of plain-text passwords from Windows Vault, including Pin code, Picture Password and traditional text password.

    Recover Windows 8 Pin Code and Picture Password

If you use a Microsoft account to log on to Windows 8 and then switch to a Picture Password or a Pin, the Mimikatz tool will be able to dump your Microsoft account password as well. This is the first critical security flaw in Windows 8/8.1 that has already been discovered.

Forgot Windows 8 Local Account or Microsoft Account Password

Forgot Windows 8 local account or Microsoft account password? How to reset the password so you can log back into your PC without data loss? There are basically two types of accounts that you can create in Windows 8: Local accounts and Microsoft account. In this guide, we’ll explain the differences between local account and Microsoft account, and provide an easy way to help you reset lost Windows 8 local account and Microsoft account password.

Local Account vs. Microsoft Account

A local account is just what we always used to log on to a Windows machine (if the computer is not a member of a Windows domain). All credentials for this account are stored only on the local computer. Your user profile is stored on your local computer only. This type of account has been around since the time of Windows 98.

A Microsoft account is a new logon option introduced in Windows 8, which allows you to sign in to your PC using an email account. The email account can be a hotmail/Microsoft live account or any other email account that you registered in Microsoft’s website. The credentials of Microsoft account are stored in Microsoft’s cloud and are locally cached, so you can also log on without an Internet connection. The user profile is accessible to other computers running Windows 8, provided you’ve logged on with your Microsoft account.

Reset Forgotten Windows 8 Local Account & Microsoft Account Password

The passwords of both local account and Microsoft account are stored in a SAM file which is usually located in the folder c:\windows\system32\config. Windows 8 stores the passwords in a hashed format (in LM hash and NTLM hash). Since a hash function is one-way, it is almost impossible to recover such passwords. However, you can reset the password easily and instantly.

Reset Windows Password utility is a recovery bootdisk which can run from a CD or USB drive and enables you to reset forgotten Windows 8 local account and Microsoft account password easily. The local account password will be blank/removed immediately so you can then log on your PC with a empty/blank password, while the Microsoft account password seems to be impossible to reset because it is stored online in Microsoft’s cloud. But as long as you can reset the Microsoft account password which is cached on your local computer, Windows 8 still allows you to sign in your PC, but without connecting to Microsoft’s cloud. Reset Windows Password utility can help you do this job perfectly so you can log back into your computer with a new Microsoft account password.

How to Remove Windows Startup Password After Forgotten

Forgot your Windows startup password? How to reset or remove it after forgotten? There are several types of startup passwords which could be used to protect a Windows computer: BIOS password, Syskey, Windows user account password. After setting up one of these startup passwords, the computer will prompt you to enter your password each time you start up.

Tired of entering the startup password every time you boot your PC? Or simple forgot your startup password? This article will introduce you to all common options for you to remove Windows startup password.

BIOS Password

BIOS is the first program that runs when your computer starts. You can tell the BIOS to ask for a password when it starts, thus restricting access to your computer. BIOS passwords can be added extra layer of security for desktop and laptop computers, and are used to either prevent a user from changing the BIOS settings or to prevent the PC from booting without a password.

Forgetting your BIOS password can lock up the hardware and make the computer completely unusable. Fortunately there are a few known backdoors and software that can be used to bypass or reset the BIOS password on most systems. The BIOS password on desktop computer can be reset by removing the CMOS battery for a few minutes. However, laptop BIOS passwords are stored in a special chip on the motherboard and the only way to recover this password is to using BIOS password cracking utility. Have a look at this article:Recover BIOS/CMOS Password Using Free CMOSPwd Utility.

Syskey Password

As we all know, the Security Accounts Manager (SAM) database has been used by Windows to store password hashes for local user accounts. To make the hashes harder to decrypt, Microsoft introduced SysKey password, an additional layer of obfuscation SysKey which can be enabled in Windows using the SysKey utility. To learn how to enable Syskey, please refer to this article: How to Lock Your Computer with Syskey.

Syskey password can be helpful to prevent hackers from cracking Windows user password. There are no reliable tools that will help brute forcing Syskey password. The Offline NT Password & Registry Editor claims that it can help you disable Syskey startup password but I’ve tried it with no luck. After forgetting your Syskey password, the only feasible option is to do a system restore using a restore point dated before SysKey password was set, or reinstall the operating system.

Windows User Password

Have you ever been locked out of your computer by a forgotten Windows user password? There’s no need to get frustrated. It is relatively easy to bypass this safeguard. Reset Windows Password utility is the well-known software which enables you to remove Windows admin/user password easily by creating a password removal Live CD/USB. It works with almost all versions of Windows, including the latest Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.

SeaMonkey Password Recovery

SeaMonkey is not only a great web browser but also a fully featured and powerful email client. Just like other browser SeaMonkey has also the feature which allows you to save and store password on browser to auto login your favorite websites. If you forgot your logins and passwords in SeaMonkey, you can recover them easily with Firefox Password Recovery program.

Firefox Password Recovery program enables you to recover website logins and email account passwords from SeaMonkey’s password manager. This should be useful in the event that your SeaMonkey browser is crashed or you simply forget your passwords. Let’s go ahead!

How to Recover Passwords Stored in SeaMonkey?

  1. Download and install Firefox Password Recovery program on your local computer.
  2. After installing, launch Firefox Password Recovery program.
  3. Click on Start Recovery button, it will show a list of recovery options from the drop-down menu.
  4. Choose the Recover SeaMonkey Password option, the program automatically finds the user profiles of SeaMonkey and decrypts all the logins and passwords saved in SeaMonkey application.

Firefox Password Recovery program is very easy to use with user-friendly interface without requiring any advanced technical know how. It also allows you to save your logins and passwords to a file or clipboard. So from now there is no need to fear about losing SeaMonkey passwords! With Firefox Password Recovery program you can recover SeaMonkey password quickly and easily!

How to Hack Windows 8 Password without Data Loss

Forgot Windows 8 administrator password? How to regain access to your locked computer? At that time the only solution that comes into our mind is to reformat the hard drive, and reinstall windows. This is not the answer you will get here, I work in a software company and resetting Windows passwords is a task we do everyday, so today I will share with you how to hack Windows 8 password without data loss – the easy way. let’s proceed.

How to Hack Windows 8 Password without Data Loss?

Reset Windows Password utility is one of the more effective password hack tools that runs on a Live CD, and it can be used to hack almost any Windows password, including Windows 8 local/Microsoft account password.

  1. To get started, purchase the Reset Windows Password utility and download it onto your current computer. Unzip the download file and you’ll get the ResetWindowsPwd.iso file which contains the password hacking tool.
  2. Next, you need to turn that ISO file into a CD. All you need to do is get a CD/DVD burning program such as BurnCDCC or ImgBurn, which allows you to burn an ISO image to CD or DVD easily! If your computer doesn’t come with a CD/DVD burner, you can use the ISO2Disc program to burn a Windows password reset USB from that ISO image.
  3. Take the CD you just created to the computer you want to hack. Insert the CD into the CD drive and turn on the computer. Normally, the BIOS screen tells you the keyboard key you need to press to change the boot order, watch for that message! On most computers the BIOS key is Del, F9 or F12 but yours might be different, so watch out for that on the boot-up menu.
  4. Once you boot from the CD, it will load the miniature operating system and open the Reset Windows Password utility. This program automatically detect all Windows installations on your computer, and shows a list of user accounts existing in your Windows SAM registry hive.
  5. Choose the user account which you want to hack and click on “Reset Password” button. It will blank your Windows 8 password immediately just as there is no password set on that user account. Remove the CD from the CD drive and restart the computer, you can then log into that user account with an empty password. Done!

So, in this way you can hack the password of any Windows 8 account at times when you forget it so that you don’t need to re-install your OS for any reason. I hope this helps.

Locked Out of Windows 8 and Forgot the Password?

Locked out of Windows 8? Forgot your Windows 8 password of local administrator account or Windows Live account? There are always situations where we are locked out of the computer and need to find a way to get back into Windows. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to easily unlock Windows 8 computer in case the administrator account is locked out or disabled, or you simply forgot Windows 8 password.

Reset Windows Password is the all-in-one password recovery bootdisk which can deal with all of the password problems described above which cause you get locked out of Windows 8 computer. Follow the simple steps and you can unlock Windows 8 user account in minutes.

1. Create A Password Unlocker Boot CD/USB

  1. Click here to download and save the Reset Windows Password self-extracting Zip file to an alternative computer, then extract the ISO image file: ResetWindowsPwd.iso from it.
  2. Insert a blank CD/DVD or USB flash drive into the computer.
  3. Download and install the ISO2Disc utility, launch the program.
  4. Click the Browse button to locate your ISO image file, then click the Start Burn button to burn the ISO image to your CD/DVD or USB flash drive.Burn ISO Image to CD/DVD or USB flash drive

2. Change BIOS Settings

  1. Boot your Windows 8 computer. When it is powered on, check the boot-screen for setup key (i.e. DELETE key, F8 key, F2 key) to enter BIOS Setup Utility.
  2. Use the arrow keys to select the BOOT tab, then change the Boot Device Priority: Set 1st Boot Device to CDROM if you just created a bootable CD or DVD, or set 1st Boot Device to Removable Device if a bootable USB flash drive was created.BIOS Setting
  3. Press F10 to save your changes. Now your computer is able to boot from CD/DVD or USB flash drive.

3. Unlock Windows 8 User Account

  1. Insert the newly burned CD/DVD or USB flash drive to your Windows 8 computer, then reboot your computer.
  2. Now the computer will boot from the password unlocker CD/USB. Wait until the boot process is finished, you’ll see the main window of Reset Windows Password utility.Reset Windows Password
  3. Select a user account and then click the Reset Password button. The program will reset your forgotten password and also automatically unlock/enable the user account when it was locked out or disabled.
  4. Click the Restart button to reboot the computer and remove the password unlocker CD/USB, you can then log into your Windows 8 user account without any hassle.

If you forgot Microsoft account password, just select the local user account which is linked to your Windows Live account and it will unlock both your local account and Microsoft account. Having such a password unlocker CD/USB at hand can be a life saver if your system refuses you to login in case you forgot Windows 8 password or your user account gets locked out accidentally.

The 20 Most Useful Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

When switching from old Windows version to the latest Windows 8 operating system, many computer users might feel a little lost at first.  I also realize that many of you are having a difficult time adjusting to the Metro UI interface. The best way to learn how to get around the new Metro UI is to use the new Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts. It allows you to navigate around the new operating system quickly and efficiently.

This guide will show you the 20 most useful new keyboard shortcuts to improve your Windows 8 experience.

Windows key + C: All charms
Windows key + Q: Search charm
Windows key + H: Share charm
Windows key: Start charm
Windows key + K: Devices charm
Windows key + I: Settings charm

Windows key + W: Search settings
Windows key + F: Search files

Apps (Metro)
Windows key + Z: Get to app options
Windows key + .: Snap app to the left
Windows key + Shift+.: Snap app to the right

Windows key + D: Open desktop
Windows key + ,: Peek at desktop
Windows key + B: Back to desktop

Windows key + X: Open system utility settings menu
Windows key + PrtSc: Take screenshot and save to Pictures
Windows key + Tab: Open switch list
Windows key + T: Preview open windows in taskbar
Windows key + U: Open Ease of Access Center
Windows key + Enter: Open Windows Narrator